10 Easy Methods To Meet (And Date!) Your Celeb Crush

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10 Easy Methods To Meet (And Date!) Your Celeb Crush

2. Interview him for a blog. Hey, it really is shameless, however if you ask initial, thoughtful questions that forge a bond between both you and him, it could spark one thing! Just be sure you obtain his personal e-mail and quantity following the meeting. And oh, get an assignment from a legit website, perhaps not

3. Be noticeable. If he’s stated in a previous meeting that their favorite color is purple, do not dress like a walking eggplant such as the gazillions of other girls looking to get their attention. Wear one thing trendy and unique, although not too revealing. A quick skirt and heeled shoes will make him have a look at you, but he will not be looking at your eyes, which can be the genuine key to making any love connection.

4. Become famous. Superstars like dating other a-listers. They feel safe and comfortable around those who can realize the unique plusses and minuses to be globally adored. So become awesome at a thing that elevates you. Write an award-winning screenplay. Publish a novel. Create an uber-popular web log. Get the remedy for cancer tumors. Create a mind-blowing documentary film. Whatever your passion, make a name on your own and it surely will get his attention and respect. Then, you are in The Club.

5. Write Songs. In my own novel Fangirl, Peter the popstar falls for Josie after very first falling in deep love with her songwriting. He craves a muse, plus the undeniable fact that she appears good in tight jeans is just icing regarding the dessert. Whenever you can link artistically, it may be the gateway to linking romantically. Plus, it could suggest a lot of late-night studio sessions crafting love songs.

6. Post A Cute Twitter Profile Pic. Twitter could be the main point of contact for fans and popstars. Your thumbnail-size profile pic could be the very first artistic impression you create. Go after precious, perhaps not sexy. Continue reading “10 Easy Methods To Meet (And Date!) Your Celeb Crush”